Photography is more than just pushing a button for me - t's all about the healing that I've witnessed when people share their stories. My research involves the media's relationship with the military, and the gap of understanding between civilians and those who serve. My BSC in Visual Journalism and M.A. in Journalism were both earned at Kent State University.

I Co-Produced a feature-length documentary about a 2010-2011 deployment to Afghanistan. Chaplain Justin Roberts went outside the wire on missions armed with only a camera.  This film tells the stories of combat, loss, brotherhood, faith, and love. This landmark documentary aims to share the stories of those who serve, and to engage civilians in the process of embracing our nation's veterans and welcoming them home. Watch the trailer HERE.

My book in progress is stories about war. About love, loss and brotherhood. And the journey they need to make to truly come home from the war. It has evolved into a much larger project than I imagined, resulting in many veterans' stories that I will publish one day. Read about it HERE.

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