I earned a Bsc. in visual journalism and an M.A. in Journalism at Kent State University.  I can be found taking pictures somewhere, sharing and listening.  Photography is more than just pushing a button for me - t's all about the healing that I've witnessed when people share their stories. My research involves the media's relationship with the military, and the gap of understanding between civilians and those who serve.

I'm convinced people are tired of hearing stories of misfortune and tragedy.  Follow what I'm up to and help me prove that people prefer hope and joy over tears and tragedy.

I've got a book in progress about a trip I took in 2010 to Vietnam with local combat vets, and the community of Tallmadge, OH who surrounds its veterans with the love and support they need to truly come home from the war. Read about it HERE.

Twitter : @myamericanlife               Instagram : @el_fong